5gbfree does not perform as expected

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5gbfree does not perform as expected

Postby aint » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:07 pm

It has become clear 5gbfree does not perform as expected for those signing up. It seems that for a very limited period of a few hours at most after receiving the registration confirmation link then the congratulatory email with the login details, all appears functional and above board. However following that limited period, the only part of the service that is accessable is the 5gbfreeforum. Looking back over posts to the 5gbfreeforum for the past few months, the experience of initial sign up success followed shortly by failure to access the offering is one shared by all. Somewhat baffling and certainly unsatisfactory comes to mind.

The short time the 5gbfree offering functions as expected does seem sufficient for reviewers to form a positive opinion and thereby inadvertently suggest 5gbfree is a viable platform when in fact it clearly is no such thing.

Very dissapointed

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