File Manager will not Archive files

Post here for feature requests. Some will be honored, but depending on the request, most will likely be referred to upgrade to the 5GB pro service.
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File Manager will not Archive files

Post by judyteen » Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:38 am

I posted this at:
However as a newbie pointed out it was a community forum.
I did not post here originally as it was supposed to be for Feature requests, which are certainly not support issues, however as there is no where else to Post for support I will give it a try.
There is no published e-mail address for Support and no Support link in cPanel and the Forum used to be the link for the 5gbfree Support menu item.
However I notice that that has been changed, so that the Support Menu link now re-directs to Signing Up for a hosting Package.
That all said this is my issue:
30 Jun 2015 13:50
cPanel file manger will not complete archiving the files.
I try to archive them in different formats the result is the same. It just hangs and after leaving it a couple of hours I then open a new File Manager, while the archiving is still in progress, I see the archive but when downloaded it is corrupt.
I have no problem downloading databases, but if archiving in File Manager is an upgrade, then please remove the option in cPanel File Manager so we all know that it is not possible to get file backups on this host.
It would certainly be a waste of time using FTP with most CMS installations.

I attempted to archive again a couple of days ago and left the archiver running for 7 hours.
It still would not archive!
On most hosts it takes no more than 2 minutes.

I have to ask if Admin are aware of this issue?

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